THE GAME CHANGEROnline advertising consumers actually want to seeThey could annoy you with boring ads. Or they can give you The Nudge to do what you love. Introducing Pay-Per-Mission (PPM). Blockchain disrupts online advertising. You win.
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Like Pokemon Go with brands in real life. Paid in crypto.Deliver an (expensive, pestering) message and call to action: online ads want consumers to see, then click or buy. The reward comes later, after they bought. Most consumers don’t bother. The game changer is The Nudge. Into otherwise unmet resolutions. Into better decisions. One brand mission at a time. Impetus One makes it happen.
How not to piss off your consumersHere’s a thought: let’s shove ads at the consumer, charge a fortune and hope they love it.” Abusive? Yes. Also true. That’s how the online advertising industry now operates. Now there’s another way.
The online bubble wrapConsumer + Brand = Love. The economy runs on this one almighty rule. Which makes advertising Cupid. The matchmaker. The fixer. Are you getting much love online? No? Here’s why. And how to get it.
How it worksWe are building a platform for reward based advertising and the cryptocurrency to run it. Meet Impetus One and the Nudge token. It’s where brands meet customers who actually want them in their lives. Advertisers come up with and pay for brand missions consumers complete. The fee is split between the customer, and the ad publisher where the customer joined the mission, with the smallest share for the platform. Blockchain brings in low transaction fees, high velocity and geographically unbound means of currency distribution.
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Get fit with Nike.
You have a fantasy with you hitting the running track, rain or shine. But life gets in the way. Time for a good old lifehack: baby steps. You see a Nike ad on your fitness app: Burn 20% more calories a day for three days and get 20$. What’s there to lose? You click through, get the deets and sign up for a free account on Impetus.One. Then you just do it. Each day. You check in to track it in the app you saw the ad on. Who’s so smart, it feeds the data into your Impetus One account. And when you’re done, the big pay off: you see the mission accomplished app screen! 20$ land into your account in Nudge token. To cash out, you install the Impetus One app and claim the token in your currency or keep it as is for Nudge payments. Maybe for that pair of running shoes in the Nike window.
Geox helps you find the shoes you'll want to move into.
A provider of quality and comfortable office shoes, GEOX will want to use the distance tracking features of our partnering apps to single out the customers in need to walk more on a daily basis. With the correct mission parameters, such as 30$ worth of Nudge token reward for walking a daily average of 2 kilometers for an entire week, GEOX will nudge the user to lead a more active lifestyle and offer the comfortable walk-around office shoe at the same time.
Naturalia France promotes healthy eating.
Naturalia is one of France’s leading retailers of high quality bio products. To encourage healthy eating habits, they use the Impetus One platform to target fast food consumers. They will reward users who buy products from their stores, thus renouncing the fast food demon and joining the healthy bio life. Their new found customers do not only spend their money in Naturalia stores, but are also grateful to Naturalia for their newfound healthy life. It may have never happened if Naturalia wouldn’t have rewarded them with €20 worth of Nudge tokens. The mission replaces any feel good / get in shape movie montage, and the search for the shopping destination.
City of Barcelona doesn't want you to miss a thing.
Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in the world and that status alone attracts a huge amount of tourists every year. Great for Barcelona, but overcrowding to some of the attractions to the point people miss out. So the municipality has decided to reward tourists $1 worth of Nudge token if they visit certain attractions when under-crowded. In this way they ensure a better tourist spread and sell more tickets for the sites that would have gotten less traffic otherwise. Tourists are wowed the city is paying them to sightsee and feel Barcelona is the best tourist city in the world.
Salomon rewards passionate skiers.
Thanks to the widespread use of skiing tracking apps, Salomon will be able to access a breadth of publisher information about their wanted users. It could very easily target all the skiers in a certain resort, based on geotracking functionality, inviting them to join a challenge whereby the skier traveling the longest total distance in a given timeframe will be rewarded 50$ worth of Nudge tokens. This will not only add an extra touch of excitement to a day on the slopes, but also a sense of accomplishment for having pushed one’s limits further. Although most of the participants will not win the reward, they will still perceive Salomon closer to their lifestyle than other brands, like a companion or cheerleader to personal performance records.
Tomorrowland Festival throws a bigger party.
Got your Tomorrowland Festival ticket? Good for you if you did. They just sold out. When you go, the organizers want you to visit every stage, rather than grow roots in front of a single one. So they’re collaborating with Impetus One, through our publisher Phodrop. They’re asking you to scan the QR code spots next to each stage, in the timeframe set by the organizers to get $5 worth in Nudge tokens. Then get that I’ve-been-there tee in the souvenir shop, using your Nudge token.
What’s in it for me
You wouldn’t waste your ad budget on Google if you had a choice. Now you do. Meet the consumers who actually want you in their lives. You want your message out there without pissing everyone off. And without ad rates getting out of control. And Impetus One debits you when the mission is complete.
You’ll get the Nudge. Let’s say you’d like to run. But never seem to find the time. You see an ad where a sports brand recruits you to run and rewards you in bankable Nudge token for every mile. You download the app. Take on the mission. Next thing you know, you’re out of the house. Check in when you complete the mission and Nudge lands in your account. Which you can change into your currency. Bam!
The things you have to do to get traffic! How about just showing your audience ads they actually want to see. Because it takes them on a mission to fulfill their life goals. For every customer embarking on and completing a mission through your door, you will get paid. Makes you stay relevant.
Getting people motivated is no day at the beach. Mostly it’s meetings and worksheets with everyone captive or dying to get to their phones. Apparently that’s where all the action is. Which is why we’ll move your KPI’s to their phones and make it a game they actually want to win. You’re welcome.
Road map
LATE Q2 2018 Start of implementation of the Impetus web app Development of API for future iOS and Android app Start of development for two Impetus apps that will act as publishers Start of development for the Impetus iOS and Android app Development of Impetus SDK for publisher apps
LATE Q3 2018 Alpha release of web app Release of Phodrop Android app Release and first implementations of Impetus SDK
EARLY Q4 2018 Release of two Impetus owned publisher apps Start of marketing campaign for own publisher apps Website beta release Release Impetus iOS app beta Start of development of Impetus iOS and Android reviewing app
Q4 2018 Release of Impetus Android app beta Implementation of SDK in own publisher apps Beta-testing for entire platform
LATE Q4 2018 Marketing campaign for product launch and call for publishers Release of Impetus iOS and Android reviewing app Official product launch
SAMUEL KURTMANNCEOCEO. Start-up artist. Senior ASP programmer. Took from inception to online and offline star and exited in 10 years. Set up and manages investments north €10M across several industries with Archon BAAS. Co-Founder of, Gruenwald Immobilien and Lakeside Events.
DANIEL KURTMANNCMOSerial entrepreneur in retail and real estate. Scored big in offline and online retail trenches and capped with timely exit. Marketing maverick. Runs tight ships as CEO or COO.Co-Founder of, Gruenwald Immobilien and Lakeside Events.
SCOTT STEWARTCFOHigh growth tech based CFO. After putting his nose to the grind with telecoms, media, technology and software, in startups and mature multinationals, no wonder he gets called an asset.
EDUARD NUTACTOBlockchain Evangelist. Senior Business Analyst. Tech maven with a hotspot for business. 18 years in and counting.
REMUS DEACHead of Business DevelopmentSerial entrepreneur in retail, transport and real estate across The USA and in The Netherlands. In the inner circle. Diplomat.
ADRIEL DRAGANLead Mobile DevelopmentSenior iOS programmer. Published on App Store. Programmed native iOS apps in the last 6 years. A regular at the open source framework development party.
ANDREI SIMONLead Web UI/UX DesignerUX/UI designer. Web & mobile app designer deep into user-centered design. Visually, went full concept-to-product circle with Phodrop and many other startups. Google & Facebook Ads specialist.
NARCIS CIOBOTARIUBlockchain Developer ^ Software EngineerEthereum Smart Contract Developer & Software Engineer. Lives across the street from Blockchain.
ROXANA GRAMADAWordsDoes words. Crisply. Fluent in business.
RADU STANESCUSenior Information Security Jedi. Makes sure the European Parliament is impenetrable. CEO of IT security consultancy Sandline for 11 years and counting.
MARIUS OPRAN Ph.D.Defense and homeland security scientist turned entrepreneur turned Secretary of State in charge of EU and NATO integration turned EU Rapporteur on satellite mobile devices, high-speed internet, internet of things and copyright (to name a few).
ABDULLAH AL MAHMOUDInvestment analyst in the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund. Cut his teeth with Goldman Sachs Asset Management, servicing MENA institutional clients and third party distributors. Spent 4 years at a private oil company based in Abu Dhabi. Has a Bachelor's of Applied Science in Business Administration & Financial Services from the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi. Believes crypto is a tremendous opportunity and solid projects like Impetus One are potential sources of huge profits.
JOHN ORTEGASeasoned entrepreneur with 30 years of diversified startups and proven track records. Founded and grew retail clothing Clothestime, Inc. from concept to $350 million in annual sales with 577 stores in 23 states and Puerto Rico. Other retail hits include Kids for Less, Public Image, and Lingerie Time. In 1999 he started ICN Apteka - 110 drug stores sold to Millhouse Capital (Roman Abramovitch and Victor Khorotonin) in 2003. He now runs several online and offline retail operations across Russia such as International Apparel Moscow Russia.
IORDANESCU EUGEN Ph.D.Behavioral economics professor (The Dan Ariely of Romania). Published author. Heads the Sibiu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a 140 years old institution.
MICHAEL STEVENS, Ph.D.International psycholoagy leader. Researches and teaches innovative models and methods for understanding and addressing global concerns. Trains globally competent and socially responsible psychologists to confront these challenges through their own research and practice. Over 150 published works. Doctor of Humane Letters and Adjunct Professor at The International Psychology Program, The Chicago School. The Robert Langdon on psychology, basically.
NORMAN FRANKELCool headed P&L leader. Strategic e-business creator. Seasoned board member. At the card payment, mobile payment & e-Commerce ball for the past 20 years, and now into cybersecurity.
VALENTIN RADUDJ turned insurance rep turned optometrist, sales trainer and finally internet entrepreneur. Keeps a tight scorecard: one exit, one epic fail, two running steady. Resonant voice in eCommerce, where he mixes top technology and data scientists to help mid-size players turn hidden data gems into double digit growth.
BRIAN CUGELMAN Ph.D.Behavioral Scientist who specializes in applying psychology and data science to websites, apps and digital marketing campaigns. PhD in Online Social Marketing with the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group. Worked with the United Nations on running global online campaigns. Published researcher. Some of his former employers and clients include the Government of Canada’s National Crime Prevention Centre, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the United Nations Volunteers, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Millennium Campaign, ActionAid International, Centennial College, Century 21 and Oxfam GB.
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